Why construction

More women are working in construction in Massachusetts than ever before. Consider all the advantages and rewards of this career. In 2012, we had 173 women apprentices in union programs. Now, ten years later, we are seeing nearly a 341% increase in female apprentices.

Transforming our cities and towns

Build bridges and infrastructures
Develop schools and hospitals
Create entertainment, resorts and skyscrapers

Read how women built a life that works for them.

Read their stories

Big difference

Industry Growth

Over 43,000 new jobs expected

341% increase in female apprenticeships in MA

19% projected industry growth

Good Money

$60-100k annual income

Guaranteed raises during training

Equal pay for equal work

Full Benefits

Paid health and dental insurance

A pension for retirement

Paid training during apprenticeship

Construction careers

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should women become construction workers?
  • But isn’t the work too hard for women?
  • I have worked in construction. Does that help?
  • Do I have to have experience in a trade to get into apprenticeship?
  • How can I become a construction worker?
  • What is apprenticeship?
  • What is pre-apprenticeship?
  • What are the basic requirements to enter an apprenticeship program?
  • What if I have a criminal record?
  • How much does apprenticeship cost?
  • What about childcare?